Enterprise SPICE

An enterprise integrated standards-based model

 Evolution of SPICE - ES Release 1 is available.

 The Standardization efforts leading up to Enterprise SPICE (ES) began in 1991 with the UK MOD proposing the creation of a project to standardize software process assessment. The ISO/IEC JTC1 approved the work item in 1993 and the 1st SPICE Group meeting was held in Dublin. 

The original SPICE development ended in 1994 and Phase 1 trials were held in 1995 and Phase 2 trials concluded in 1998. SPICE was subsequently released as the ISO/IEC15504 Standard. SPICE has evolved to be used in multiple industries in Europe and has spread to other continents.

The Enterprise SPICE User Group initiated the development of ES to integrate and harmonize a even broader range of existing standards into a base model for use with ISO/IEC15504 at the SPICE2007 conference in Seoul, Korea. The single unified model allows the user to select those model areas relevant to thier business from a broad range of disciplines to align business and technical processes over time across relevant levels of their business.

The work of the ES Advisory Board has progressed to where the 1st release of ES is now available on this web page.  See the article above titled "Enterprise SPICE Process Assessment Model".

Click on Publications, then scroll down the screen and fill-in your e-mail address, then touch the Submit button.

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