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Advisory Board News: Assessing the Investment Management Process

A paper was presented by Linda Ibrahim and H. Giovanni Carnaroli at the May 2010 SPICE2010 Conference that succinctly illustrates beneficial use of Enterprise SPICE for an organization.   The paper titled “Assessing Investment Management Processes in the US Department of Transportation using Enterprise SPICE” will be posted lates on this site.

The paper shows how an organization can choose only the process area(s) needed to address a particular business function, and perform an assessment of the capability of that function. In this particular case the Base practices of Capability Level 1 provided a benchmark on the specific practices applicable to Investment Management, while the Generic Practices were used as a benchmark for assessing Capability Level 2.

This paper illustrates the ease with which Enterprise SPICE can be brought to bear on one or more business functions, for the benefit of an organization. The assessment process can be scaled up, using more Enterprise SPICE Process Areas, as the needs of the business expands. 

Bob Vickroy, AB Committee Communications   

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