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Enterprise SPICE Participates in SPICE 2011, May 2011, in Dublin

Members of the Enterprise SPICE Advisory Board (AB) attended the SPICE 2011 Conference in Dublin participating in various ways as described below.

Linda Ibrahim and Ernest Wallmueller delivered a well-attended, well-received tutorial titled “Getting Started with Enterprise SPICE”.  This tutorial is an exemplar for further training offerings that will be developed and delivered by authorized Enterprise SPICE trainers as we progress with Enterprise SPICE deployment.  Winifred Menezes, though not in attendance at the event, contributed by developing an Enterprise SPICE Quick Reference Guide, used in the tutorial and useful for your work when you deploy our Enterprise SPICE model across your various enterprise customers.

Clenio Salviano presented a paper:  “Process Improvement in an R&D&I Center Using Enterprise SPICE and SPICE for Research Models.”   This paper describes the use of the Enterprise SPICE processes Enterprise Governance and Knowledge Management in a research context.

A major activity for Enterprise SPICE was our Advisory Board meeting held at the event.  Whereas the AB meets regularly via teleconferencing, this was our most widely attended face-to-face meeting with 10 of our 14 members participating for a 4-hour meeting.

AB participants included:  Linda Ibrahim, Alec Dorling, Ernest Wallmueller, Antanas Mitasiunas, Werner Henschelchen, Clenio Salviano, Francois Coallier, Bob Vickroy, Ravindra Joshi and Fred Kaminski. Invited guests were Terry Rout (previous Enterprise SPICE AB member) and Reinhold Thurner.  (The other 4 AB members, who were not able to attend, are Winifred Menezes, Bill Bradford, Vicky Hailey, and Wolfgang Daschner.)

Here are some highlights from the meeting.

Terry Rout offered that the Enterprise SPICE (ES) Model be included in his Appraisal Assistant tool used to automate appraisal processes. The tool, which is currently free, has had over 4,000 downloads and 2,000 tool users registered to-date.  The ES accepted the use of the tool for ES.

The AB discussed the development of an ES Business Plan as prerequisite to ES becoming a non-profit legal entity;  extending the ES Trademark beyond EU to USA;  the accreditation process;  the training program and associated training materials; the communications and marketing process;  joint appraisals combining (plugging-in) with other models and standards for simultaneous appraisals and ratings; and  a presentation on a meta-model for representing ES model and appraisals discussed by guest Reinhold.

Several AB members are working with customers using the ES Model to facilitate process improvement, and papers are being published regarding ways to use Enterprise SPICE.

We encourage you to let us know your experiences in deploying Enterprise SPICE as an integrated approach to enhance enterprise performance efficiently and effectively.     

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