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Do you think we could use this Group for AB discussions?  Would folks read it?  I attached latest status document as another method of distribution.  Thanks!  Linda

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I think that this way is applicable for AB communication. Your trials at Linkedin failed due to group settings (actual moderation rules). Janos

Oh dear.  Afraid I don't understand the linkedin rules :(

Do I need to be a premium member or something?

Anyway, maybe we can use our ES website AB Group ... if people will go there from time to time.

Thanks Janos!

It is not Premium-account related, the group-owner can rule how new discussions mandated. I agree with better promoting ES website usage. However we can get wider visibility through Linkedin. So I suppose that we can use ES site for AB discussions (as attachments can be added), and also use Linkedin ES group for wider publicity even referring to other group discussion on ES site.

We may ask Vicky to change Linkedin group status to open one. I am ready to take over the group manager function, if it is more convenient for day-to-day operation (as I also manage other Linkedin group). AB may decide about content of Group Announcements, selection of Manager Choices and their topic-links to ES-site.

I added a new discussion to Linkedin group, it was working:


Hmm. I don't know.

I sympathize with those who suffer from a permanently full inbox, but this solution means that I either have to:

a) check here every now and then .... high risk that I forget or

b) the site (or someone) sends an e-mail saying there is new material, or a weekly e-mail is sent with the weeks activities.

If b) then those with over-flowing inboxes, will still have too much mail.

Still I am willing to try. I suggest we agree on a trial period of say 6 months starting March 1.



I set my settings for this Group site to be automatically notified when there are changes, and it is working.  I set it for daily notification but you can decide the frequency.  That might help a bit?


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