Enterprise SPICE

An enterprise integrated standards-based model

Enterprise SPICE will provide the following benefits to stakeholders:

  • Single Unified Model: the model integrates practices from the widely recognized standards and sources of best practice; no need to use many separate standards and models concurrently - they are consolidated into a single unified model
  • Pick and Choose: select from the model those areas relevant to your business needs
  • Authoritative: provides best guidance available drawn from widely recognized standards and sources, with detailed mapping tables tracing each practice to sources if further information desired/required
  • Comprehensive: addresses a broad, and expanding, range of disciplines
  • Synergized: sources integrated, harmonized, and synergized; each source contributes important perspectives
  • Reduced Costs:
    • Training on one model, not several
    • Improvement using one model, not several, leading to simultaneous improvement vs. all sources; compliant processes address best practice from multiple standards
    • Avoids duplication of effort
    • Appraisals vs. one model, not several, leading to simultaneous multiple ratings/ certification if desired/required
  • Enhanced Effectiveness via Integrated Guidance:
    • For all levels from enterprise to team processes
    • For large or small business units
    • Across disciplines for multidisciplinary teams
    • Aligns business and technical processes
    • Across all product and service life cycle phases/activities
    • Improvement initiatives can be aligned across the enterprise
  • Certification: certification services from (accredited) bodies through PATHFINDER assessment and certification of process capability or organizational maturity

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