Enterprise SPICE

An enterprise integrated standards-based model

Governance, Oversight and Responsibilities

The governance structure with relevant roles and responsibilities is defined below.

The International Project Leader is Linda Ibrahim ( Federal Aviation Administration).


Senior Executives with a Strong Stake in Enterprise Process Improvement;
• Co-lead the Advisory Board

The SPICE User Group is an Executive Sponsor of the initiative.

Advisory Board

Senior Executives and Advocates with Strong Stakes and Interests in Enterprise Process Improvement; may include representatives of the various standards and models being integrated
• Establishes operating and decision-making procedures for the Board (consensus-based)
• Approves project plans for initial baseline model and further evolution
• Approves initial baseline model
• Approves criteria for introducing new disciplines
• Approves criteria for additional standards to be integrated
• Approves recommended new disciplines and standards
• Approves final work products
• Provides/recommends subject matter experts to participate on Technical (Author) Team
• Provides feedback to Project team regarding progress, status, issues, etc.

Advisory Board Charter

Current Advisory Board Members:

Janos Ivanyos


François Coallier


Wolfgang Daschner


Alec Dorling


Victoria A. Hailey


Linda Ibrahim


Fred Kaminski


Winifred Menezes


Antanas Mitasiunas


Clenio Salviano


Bob Vickroy


Ernest Wallmuller Switzerland
Ravindra Joshi India
Werner Henschelchen Germany

Advisory Board Member Resumes

Technical (Author) Team

Very experienced model writers and standards integrators for the small core author team; several subject matter experts (buddies) called upon to assist authors in particular areas
• Establishes project plan for initial model, and further evolution
• Establishes criteria for new disciplines and standards
• Elicits requests from stakeholders for new disciplines and standards, as well as change requests to existing content
• Analyzes new discipline and standards requests vs. criteria and makes recommendations to Advisory Board
• Discusses and decides on technical issues
• Develops work products
• Elicits comments from reviewers
• Resolves and addresses approved review comments
• Provides status updates to Advisory Board


• Provide inputs to product development
• Review and comment on interim work products

Assessment Team

ISO/IEC 15504 qualified lead assessors
• Conduct trial assessments using Enterprise SPICE work products and report any problems/issues

Editorial Team

• Assists in structuring and formatting of final work products

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